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45-Ton Boom Trucks

We take the concept of providing second to none service all the way to include the equipment we use. Our trucks and trailers are new and we keep them in first-rate condition.

These are top of the line, brand new units. They are 2013 and 2015 Kenworth C-500 Tandem/Tridem oilfield spec trucks built by Camex in Nisku. Our trailers are also brand new 2014 Tri-axle, 45-foot and 48-foot picker floats with a live roll on the rear of the trailers.

We carry all load binding items (chains, boomers, straps, and ratchet straps) that are necessary for securing loads. Both trucks and pickers have fresh certifications, which are done on a yearly basis. They are fully rigged with all slings required for just about any type of lift.


  • Nylon Slings – 2”, 3”, and 4” with various lengths in each size.
  • Cable Slings – Two parts, four parts, and various length singles.
  • Chain Slings – Two sets of adjustable length, four part; two sets of adjustable length, two part; and gator slings. These are soft cable slings which are good for choking pipe where nylon slings are not allowed.
  • Kevlar Endless slings
  • Variety of Shackles

All certifications for the rigging are kept in a binder which is stored in each truck for reference, if needed. The trucks have two sets of drive chains and one set of steering chains, positive air shut off, and they are rigged with two-way radios which allow the operator and the swamper communication capabilities at all times. A 20 pound fire extinguisher and first aid kit is in each truck. There is also a high visibility armed and safety vest for the swamper and a “Caution, Overhead Work” sign is carried on all units.

We are always able to add extra rigging or whatever may be needed to make the job easier and/or safer. Customers just have to let us know what they need.